Tuesday, June 16, 2009


ginger sky

inspired by my friend JAQ, a wonderful poetess and artist, over at
cords, threads... and loose ends

font : endless voyage, by Jellyka

I was attempting to illustrate my thoughts/feelings concerning JAQ's beautiful poem, Under a ginger sky, but this really didn't evolve the way I had imagined. My lack of talent and my unfamiliarity with the new tools hindered me, so I'm putting this idea in the back pocket of my brain, and intend to return to it once again in the near or far or simply in-between future. :o)

Under the ginger sky © copyright written October 9th 2008 by Jacqueline Williams Bourgeois
publishing prohibited unless with the author's permission.

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  1. not talented... i think not. i like it. just keep working with those unfamiliar tools. :)

  2. thx JAQ. (hmm, maybe software would have been a better term than "tools")