Friday, August 21, 2009


the moo & the rat

I was reading A Cup of Jo and she asks What's my Nickname
which left me feeling blank (and a little sad too) apparently I've lived life with friends and family who aren't nicknaming types (and creating your own nickname is either tacky or desperate, both of which I attempt to avoid on my better days)

so what does one do when stumped in life? look to your cats of course, which I have generously provided with a myriad of cute, silly, insipid, strange and completely inappropriate nicknames, along with two perfectly decent names which their vet and my mother use (rudiger bartholomew and abigail kaitlin - rudi and abby for short cuz I'm not completely bonkers)

why I call abby the rat is immediately apparent to anyone who has watched her scuttle her way about my apartment but where rudi earned the moniker moo not even I can remember

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  1. Hi, Found you thru flickr, I love your nicknames for your cats and great pic! x

  2. thx Torie! appreciate your visit :o)

  3. Bonjour !
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    a bientot !
    Boubou xx