Sunday, September 13, 2009


Polar Sunrise

Awhile ago my friend and I visited the awesome Wildlife Photographer of the year 2008 exhibit at our local museum. My favourite of the exhibit was Miquel Lasa's Polar Sunrise, winner of the Creative Visions of Nature, while my friend preferred Michel Roggo's Ghost of a March hare from the same division.

Ghost of a March hare

Many amazing photos later (go on, check the website!) you'd think I might have been inspired to try my hand at the wildlife photog thing, except for the stories of days spent in waist deep water, crossing deserts surrounded by things that would like to eat you and withstanding months of freezing cold weather (which as a Canadian I have some experience with except I eschew the outdoor camping for central heaing). This led me to explore my past animal photo attempts, which sadly, and I'm sure you can guess, mostly include cats. This photo is the wildest animal I could find in my collection. Not exactly ferocious, awe inspiring, or very interesting actually. But he is kinda cute.

little squirrelly dude

Dwight and I lived peacefully for a few years sharing the same environs, he hanging in the back yard while I preferred indoors. I'm not sure what he is up to lately as I moved last year, and he never writes.

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