Wednesday, October 7, 2009


celebration, it's back in style

Last week I suggested to my sister that, after all this difficult transitioning, perhaps next week's word could possibly be celebration. While I'm not exactly in the celebrating mood yet, I thought why not try some positive thinking... so here ya go >>>

"Celebration! If it's not back in style just try waiting a little while and think optimistically!"
~ me

(This didn't fit on the art board so I just went with the straight forward, self assured "Yes, it definitely is back in style!".)

But after all that second guessing and statement making, the best thing to come of "Celebration" is the creation of a multi-coloured, splendidly over-the-top new style in PS, which now I can apply to random words and shapes all over the darn place, making anything its rainbow goodness touches seem super cool and generally awesome.

affidavit of service and other generally awesome things

resource : various backgrounds created with PS brushes (because who wants to do actual work)
Celebration: Colorburned's Smoke Effects
affidavit of service: BK Swirls Brushes 2 from BrushKing

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