Friday, October 2, 2009

"Tilt-shift miniature style photos are pictures of real-life scenes that are manipulated to look like model photographs."

Sure, I could have gone out and bought the lens, or at least put some time into learning the techniques on Photoshop, but who doesn't love a site (i.e. TiltShift where you kick in a photo and out spits that same pic with a cool effect? So of course, I had to give it a whirl...

(the bonus being fewer trips to the cute, but quite expensive, Madurodam)

First up, my home country, and then a few others for comparison. Now the effect definitely doesn't work on all photos, so one must put some effort into taking an appropriate pic in the first place. But once all the snapping and flashing is finished, you can just sit back, listen to some tunes and watch the little cities pop out. :o)

little toronto

little canberra little cesky krumlov little reykjavik

[click all images for larger versions]

For some more examples of tilt-shift photography, whether real or accomplished the really lazy way:
font : from the Worstveld Sling family

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