Tuesday, October 6, 2009


zero, the void I no longer follow

[click image for a larger version]

I was inspired by my friend JAQ and her words of emptiness and alienation, her poem ZERO, to put together this word picture.

resource : The little yellow whirl is simply one of Colorburned's Sparkling Light Effect PS brushes. (Ya gotta love those fancy PS brushes! They almost negate the need for any talent, which is lucky for me :o)

ZERO © copyright written November 9th 2008 by Jacqueline Williams Bourgeois

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  1. wow! i like the focus on the words rather than a focus on an image for the words. it's all in the eye not the brush. ;)

  2. thx JAQ, I hoped you'd like my approach of focusing on the words :o)

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