Monday, November 30, 2009

Only one day after my rainbow.wallpaper and I've created another desktop design. I think I've caught the bug.

Now for my mini-tutorial on how it all came together:

1) As before, this wallpaper is also based on the unbelievably fun and simple Abstract Bars tutorial. I created another set of bars but this time used more subdued, vintage type colours.

2) I do love those repeating patterns so I gave a try at creating one of my own using Colorburned's Seamless, Textured Pattern tutorial. It took more than a few tries but I eventually came up with some diamonds which aren't bad.

3) I combined the above with a few textures found somewhere out there in interweb land.

4) I ran the whole darn thing through Fallout75's awesome retro PS action.

And yep, that's it.

resource : retro PS action by Fallout75
tutorials : Abstract Background of Coloured Bars and Create a Seamless, Textured Spade Pattern

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