Monday, November 2, 2009


hello, my name is sabrina

What I love about the Editable Letterpress style I created awhile back is how it can be applied to all sorts of wacky and/or wonderful words/shapes/other random stuff, all created in AI. So I made for myself a lovely blue name tag, and this icon for faving those pieces of art I appreciate out there in interweb land.


And to get us started, here is a selection from redbubble artists which somehow, for apparent or weird reasons, remind me of this past weekend.

red by milja la luna by andrew cowell pocket monster by krystle
Just A Thought by jakeof Her innocent by ROUBLE RUST Let's Go Home 2009 by naokosstoop
Poppies on woodgrain by Lara Allport cup by Eveline Tarunadjaja Dreams2 by Jordan Clarke

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