Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I slap dashed another wallpaper together, inspired by the never will end snow that seems to falling on my city these past few days. I wouldn't actually recommend anyone use this particular wallpaper, unless you have an odd desire to feel slightly ill. At least, this was incredibly simple to put together:

1) Create a few simple shapes;
2) In photoshop > pixelate > pointillize.

I waste more time than I can remember applying PS filters randomly to pngs, gifs and assorted jpegs. Look how cute my logo looks all pointillized!

this is a pointed logo

And continued from yesterday:

This movement developed from Impressionism and involved the use of many small dots of colour to give a painting a greater sense of vibrancy when seen from a distance. The equal size dots never quite merge in the viewer's perception resulting in a shimmering effect like one experiences on a hot and sunny day. One of the leading exponents was Seurat to whom the term was first applied in regard to his painting 'La Grand Jette' (1886).

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