Monday, December 14, 2009



I’ve wanted to add the elements to my four tees collection for awhile now, but I never could figure out how to represent earth without using trees, leaves or some other plant. Finally, I just gave up and used extremely odd looking grass (which might or might not be growing under water?). I like the funky fire, but that earth… hmmm.


And after doing a quick google it became very apparent there are so many amazing, interesting and original interpretations, so as inspiration for later tee attempts here is i.heart the four elements:

ELEMENTS® FIRST DEGREE Elements by NightmareCrow four elements by eretick
The Four Elements by Kyrus86 Four Elements by appleuzr Elements by DesignbySolo
i heart Four Elements by CrisVector Four Elements by FreeTransform

for.purchase : elements tee on redbubble

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