Thursday, February 25, 2010


My last blog entry (here are one and two) following along with the tutorial 3 Ways You Can Use a Useless Photo and the one I'm most skeptical about...

1) Once again, that weird purple finger nail and yellow leaf

2) Image > Adjustment > Levels [Honestly, it's not that much different.]

3) Filter > Artistic > Cutout (Levels: 8; Simplicity: 0; Fidelity:3) [I'm not sure I used those settings, but... whatever.]

4) Image > Adjustment > Threshold (Drag the sliders until you get enough details on the image.) [I cheated and added colour.]

5) Shrink this photo, then press CTRL+A or CMD+A, then go to Edit > Define Pattern
Name your pattern. Now, create a new layer, and fill it with the pattern. [Hmmm...]

tutorial: 3 Ways You Can Use a Useless Photo

my versions:

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