Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I recently posted a collection of black and white photos to this blog and over at redbubble. On many of these images I've used one of my favourite Photoshop actions > moonlight.

To be completely honest, I'm not exactly certain what I'm doing when I fiddle with the myriad of wonderful little sliders on all those Photoshop adjustment options, but sometimes magical things occur. When I get a series of little slide motions that seem to work well together I'll collect them into an action and give it a fancy name... like moonlight or starlight (when black/white or sepia would have been simpler and made more sense).

And then I love to randomly throw photos in and see what comes out the other side. Sometimes this can keep me entertained for hours. I'm a simple soul.

As shown below: original | moonlight | starlight

original flower moonlight flower starlight flower
original knot original knot original knot
original tourist moonlight tourist starlight tourist

[click images above for larger versions]

If you're interested you can try out the moonlight/starlight PS actions, but if you use either of these and achieve anything worth mentioning, let me know... K? Thx :o)

download: moonlight/starlight PS actions

for purchase: too deep for tears | agaped | the tourist

follow-up post: true.colours

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