Saturday, March 6, 2010


When I sell items from my Redbubble shop, I often take those profits and reinvest in some lovely tee wear (along with a calendar or two - they make great Christmas gifts!). And so in honour of anticipation of my next sale...

Those t-shirts I own:

bubble girl doll with pandacat purr-fect goth girl with crimson umbrella

And a few of the multitude of tees I would like to own:

Emotional Range of Popsicles Coraleen, Mermaid The Return of the Retro Pacman Circuit Board
Fishing love... Rocking AT-AT Dreamscape
Striped Dress Geisha Grooves Buzz
Galaga Babe Tee Spaced Funny Bunny Whotsit City Escape
Rori-Gosu Strawberry Pop Thinking... Semicolon

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