Thursday, June 2, 2011


The most popular of my pattern templates from my recent May challenge was actually the one I created the day before it began > sg.hopscotch. Here is a sampling of different pattern colourings, cuz it always fascinates me how one design can evoke so many different images and ideas.

sg.hopscotch bump
key_limes_coconuts differences_are_good
bathroom_peebles Puff_Adder Musical_Tiles Cellular
Butterbeam Olive_Fiesta!
Sock_Hop C21

I guess my designs just slowly went downhill after that. Perhaps this was due to my disappointment over not being able to install seamless studio - a cool app where one can upload their own shapes, export as PNGs and more. I signed up for the colourlovers site and downloaded it fine, but after that... no go - just wouldn't install. Vy disappointing, but at least I got a few interesting pattern templates from the seamless tool available right on the colourlovers web site.

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